As the Get REAL experience group finishes up on week two of our beautiful programme, I am also back to my own learning.

In fact, I never stop.

On-going learning is a lifelong journey for me.

I love to learn new skills, to expand my gifts, and to then let it integrate and bring them to my clients.

I can’t see that process ever stopping, it is what lights me up.

It’s what helps to make space for transformation.

It’s what allows me to expand my gifts, whilst serving people at the same time. 

I never learn something once, and then just keep it there, it always evolves.

This doesn’t come from a place of not feeling enough.

It’s not about that.

It’s about knowing I’m enough, and also wanting, desiring, to expand how I can serve. It’s about following my passion, quenching my thirst for new knowledge and finding incredible wisdom being shared from people that I am yet to meet.

And so, as I start my course work for my latest learning and the Get REAL’ers are beginning to see the results from their work, tell me:

  • What are you learning right now?
  • How do you invite learning into your life?
  • Does it come from a place of needing to achieve, or from a place of expansion?

I know which one I prefer, and which one lights me up the most. 

When I get real with my learning as I get real with everything else in my life, it brings more magic, more miracles, and more shifts than I could ever imagine.

L xx


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