It’s 2018, we have a female Prime Minister and Head of State here in the UK but research
tells us it will be 200 years until women are paid the same as men. This International
Women’s Day, where the campaign theme is #PressforProgress, I am encouraging women to
achieve the income level they desire by leaving the corporate world and starting their own

The World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap report told us that gender parity is
200 years away but why should women wait that long to get the recognition they deserve?
We know that the gender pay gap won’t close overnight and my passion is helping women
to recognise how they can establish a business which will help them to earn more money
whilst also doing something they enjoy. I run my business with a laptop from my kitchen
table and the online world has opened up a huge opportunity for other women to do the

Since 2013 I have worked for myself, specialising in supporting women to overcome their
blocks around money through mentoring them on all aspects of business strategy and
improving their mindset. Although I am based in Yorkshire UK, I have a global business
working with women all over the world, as far afield as Hong Kong, Pennsylvania and as
local as my village Deli owner!

I am also a Mum to two children under eight who are both home-schooled, so I understand
the pressures of juggling a family and a business. We are continually fed messages that it is
impossible to ‘have it all’ and there are thousands of women who feel torn everyday leaving
their children with childcare providers because they believe the only way to succeed is to
climb the corporate ladder. I mentor women to quit the 9-5 corporate rat race to start a
business they love, that fully supports their families and the lifestyle they want to lead.
I went through the same journey myself, leaving the security of a corporate job behind and
starting my own business. As a chartered accountant I have spent 17 years working with
businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them manage their money and I know that the
biggest factor for a business to succeed financially is the mindset of the entrepreneur
behind it.

I know it’s scary and I know that as a gender, we are more likely to under-value and under-
sell ourselves. I practically help women to overcome the fears and concerns over how they
are going to make money by mentoring them on their business strategy. Then alongside my
mentoring, I use Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which is a form of hypnotherapy
that helps to clear mindset blocks. I liken it to a mindset hack, reprogramming the brain and
helping women overcome the things that are holding them back from making more money.
As well as helping women to take the seeds of a business idea all the way to launch, I work
with established women in business to help them with their product or service offer and
pricing structures. There are three elements to my approach:

  1. Mindset – it starts with the individual, their existing story around money and
    business then reprogramming it through Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).
  2. Money – setting some precise goals around the income desired and setting actions
    for how to earn it.
  3. Strategy – everything from basics such as how to set prices and who ideal clients are,
    to highly technical issues such as business structuring for tax efficiency.

As the hashtag #PressforProgress spreads around the world on International Women’s Day I
hope that by sharing my story and my experiences I will inspire other women to see that it is
possible for them to achieve financial success without compromising other aspects of their
life, such as family time.

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