You are ready for change.  You know what to do practically speaking to get what you want, you just don’t seem to be getting it.

You’re tired.  You feel stuck.  You are wondering whether the rest of the world has gone mad.  Your confidence is missing in action.  You feel overwhelmed.  Your self worth left you in the lurch and your net worth is not something you can talk about right now.  You’re afraid to say what you want and some days you are not even sure if you KNOW what you want. You are so done with the rollercoaster.  You just want to get off and start living a life that makes you feel good.  You sometimes wonder if that is even available to you.  Your beliefs and how you feel right now don’t seem to suggest it is.

Well hello, EVERYTHING is about to change.

We may or may not know each other.  If we don’t, let me introduce myself.  I’m Laura and I put the kapow in the Mastermind.  I am an eclectic blend of practical accountant and woo as fuck fairy.  What I do involves energy, mindset and strategy.  Here, in the Mastermind we will be focusing on energy, what you think, how you treat yourself and what you truly believe.  And we will be changing it all so that you can finally create the life and business you have dreamed of.


You’re brilliant but you don’t believe it. I believe that it is possible to create whatever you want.  I believe that you can write your future into existence.  I am going to leave you believing it too.


You have wanted change before.  You have tried to change before but you didn’t stick at it.  You gave up.  You gave up on doing the work but more than anything you are starting to give up on you.  I trust you.  When you have installed the solid foundation of truly believing in yourself, of understanding your worth and more importantly, honouring who you are and what you need, you will trust yourself too.


I know the results you achieve and never tell a soul about. I know people’s lives have changed because of you. I know you came here to change the world and that scares you. I know who you are because I have been there.


I see you, in all your glory. I see you when the clouds have parted and the sun is shining. I see who you came here to be. Who you truly already are, if only you would step into yourself fully. I see your light. My job, my gift, is to help you see it too and turn it all the way up so it never goes out again.


I feel you. I am you, you are me. We are one and the same. Without weirding you out, I can feel you. It’s how I read for you in the weekly readings in the Mastermind.

In the Mastermind we will be looking at so many areas of life and business that will help you move forward.  Each month we will have a theme that we focus on and these will include but are not limited to:






 Self sabotage




 Imposter Syndrome




The Mastermind is a monthly membership and the lowest cost way to work with me directly. 

You are supported in a group of like minded people who truly have your back.  The people in this Mastermind are epic.  They have heart and soul and passion and they will be your biggest cheerleaders.

Every month you will receive the following: 

Alternate monthly KaPow Session (think hypno, energy work and activations all in one) & alternate monthly Live card readings

Private Facebook group & the Mastermind Vault which contains previous KaPow sessions, playbooks and bonus gifts and tools

Monthly Group Zoom hangout

Full moon and new moon Journalling Prompts


You receive all of this for the super affordable price of £37 per month.

So come on in, we can’t wait to welcome you!


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