You can achieve a whole lot in 90 days – it’s why the 12-week year became so popular but you really need to be in the right frame of mind and have the key ingredient to achieve anything you want and that is TRUST, in who you are and what you came here to do.

You need your beliefs, conscious and subconscious, to support you in achieving what you want and if they don’t you end up stopping and starting.

You end up stuck and being held back by self-sabotage, low confidence, zero net worth, low self-worth, a fear of showing up and being seen. You become afraid to say what you want and need and start wondering if it’s just easier to stay invisible. You are then affected by procrastination and overwhelm and frankly you just find yourself so disappointed that despite your best intentions you are not where you wanted to be. It leaves you doubting whether the success you dreamed of was even possible for you. And it is at this point that most business owners fall down.

But success was, and more importantly is, available to you. It is possible, and if we work together, it becomes probable not just possible that you will become unencumbered by those unsupportive beliefs, that you will finally have confidence in who you are and that you will truly believe in the results you can achieve.




You’re brilliant but you don’t believe it. You still think you need another qualification, that one more bit of paper will be the thing to prove you are good enough at what you do. You have forgotten how much you have already achieved with your clients. You let that praise go right over your head, they are only saying it to be polite, right? Wrong.

You think because your bank balance is stressing you out, that it is a reflection of just how unworthy you are to be paid for your work. Because deep down you think you’re not enough.




There you are hiding. Not wanting to show up because what if they find out, that everything in your life is not stepford perfect. You are certain it’s not ok to have doubts in yourself and coach someone else. Certain that it’s not ok to use your incredible gift that comes through you and not from you to move someone forwards who is stuck or in pain, even though you have seen it achieve incredible results before, because deep down you’re scared. To do your work and be paid would be inauthentic.





I know the results you achieve and never tell a soul about. I know people’s lives have changed because of you. I know you came here to change the world and that scares you.




I see you, in all your glory. I see you when the clouds have parted and the sun is shining. I see who you came here to be. Who you truly already are, if only you would step into yourself fully. I’ve been you. I see your light. My job, my gift, is to help you turn your light all the way up. You have work to do. You have been chosen. YOU are here to make a difference. You can run a little longer, a little faster but it won’t go away. It is your destiny.




I feel you, I am you, you are me. We are one and the same. It is our time. I can help you. In one month, we can change everything. We can master what is holding you back. The work on ourselves is never done, but 1 month is enough for me to work my magic on your main issue and leave with you the tools that allow you to make sure it is never an issue again.

You get to choose what we work on, you know your biggest struggle. You might not know why it’s so hard but together we can find out why it became an issue and clear it from your life for good.

Some of the most common areas I look at with business owners include:






 Self sabotage




 Imposter Syndrome

If this speaks to you, then it’s time. Let’s do it. The world is waiting and it’s time to turn your light on fully. We will focus on one area and clear it in just 30 days.

Ever meet someone, talk to someone, and think “Oh my god, thank Christ for that, someone who actually gets me and sees exactly who I am and the totally cool shit that I am capable of?

This woman sees exactly what you can do, totally believes it, and makes you believe it too.

She is a gorgeous hurricane of positive energy and I wish she lived closer to me. my mind is totally buzzing with possibilities for me, my business and more importantly the freedom that gives my family.

Thank you, I have been well and truly


The work we will do is intensive, let me be clear. It’s emotional; there will be crying, laughing and everything in between. There will be breakthroughs but most importantly there will be change.

We will work together for one month. During that time we will have 4 sessions.

Our first session is about getting clarity on what you truly want to achieve in life and business. Not what you think you can have but what your heart truly wants. This isn’t surface level work or a box ticking exercise. We are deep diving. I am asking you to open up and trust that you can create anything you want and that I am here to help you do it.

Second session and watch the magic kick in. I’ll be using my very own KaPow method to find the source of your struggles and remove it. We will then reprogram a brand new belief system that fully supports you in achieving ALL that you want. You will then be given a daily audio to listen to for 21 days (this works on 3 levels; the conscious, subconscious, and energetically). This commitment to the 21 day audio is non-negotiable.

There are then 2 more mentoring sessions to ensure you change your behaviour and actions so that you are fully supported in achieving all that you want. If anything tries to trip you up, we will knock it out of the park together.

Last but not least, you get unlimited email and messenger support. You will be tested in your new belief system and not just when I’m on a call with you so I understand that you may need to reach out in between calls. This package makes sure you are never alone and fully supported in the change you are making.

All that remains is for you to trust that change is possible, and together it is probable, and to be willing to do the work I give you.



Well I have been well and truly KaPownered! This woman is awesome, I have grown so much in the last few months.

She has listened to my every rant and rave and crazy lady moment with a calm stillness then cut straight through my bullshit to tell me exactly what I needed to hear in order to do what I need to do.

Literally no idea how she does what she does but she is unquestionably magic and I’m very, very glad that she is in my life.

Check her out. Do it now.



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