“In the six months since I started to work with Laura my life has completely changed for the better. I’m more confident, I’m more successful, I’m happier and I am headed in the direction I want – rather than spinning my wheels and growing more frustrated by the day. I always looked ‘sorted’ on the outside, but I was terrified of pretty much everything on the inside. And I’d had some success, but it wasn’t consistent. Within an hour of talking to Laura, I’d changed my business model. Within a month, I’d made massive leaps forward. There were three whole weeks between deciding how to act on the new business and it starting to bring me income. Incredible. If there’s ANYTHING that’s holding you back, talk to Laura. She’s a miracle worker. She has not just changed the shape of my business, she’s changed my life too.


Founder, SheRules.Online

“Words cannot possibly express the full extent of the gratitude and love I have for Laura and the deep uncoverings and transformational healing that took place during our session today. I feel like I can finally breathe and release those things that were wearing me down.  Laura, you are a miracle! Thank you so much.”


Transformational Wealth & Intentional Living Strategist

“When I met Laura I was struggling to get my business off the ground…My corporate job had never been a problem for me but I just couldn’t seem to translate this self-belief to my own business.

I sat down with Laura and that’s when the magic started…talking to Laura is an unbelievable process, she is a master at unlocking, unravelling and uncovering what is truly holding your back.  Be prepared to cry and to be truly amazed as each day passes at just how much your life will transform.  Just over a week after our first session and I am seeing MASSIVE results.

Thank you Laura, you are one amazing and awesome woman.  You have had such a profound impact on my outlook, confidence and life in just over a week, I cannot thank you enough.


Pure Savvy

“Thank you for the course, I have smashed in a record week this week.  Not a coincidence that this was the week I have put effort into my money mindset.”


“The session was amazing! I can attract money easily but I just can’t hold onto it.  I’ve tried loads of different therapies, NLP, mindset work etc but I wanted to try something else and the session was amazing.  If you are thinking about having a session, I would hands down, 100% recommend it.  Laura will get into your mind, find the real root cause of the problem and fix it. There’s no meditating or hours of therapy. It’s really quick and really effective, go for it!”


Online Business Coach & Fame Maker, Helen Pritchard Online

“Before I met Laura I was Queen of the money blocks…I grew up in a family where there was a distinct lack of it, then married a businessman and lived a millionaire lifestyle until the financial crash of 2008 which left me almost homeless when I was 7 months pregnant. A divorce and several corporate jobs later, I decided to jump off the corporate career ladder and start my own business in 2017. Freaking out at the thought of no salary at the end of each month, I saw a post about Laura’s Mastermind and knew I needed to be a part of it. I have thanked my lucky stars every day since – without Laura’s mentoring and mindset work, I wouldn’t be where I am today, which is earning as much as I did in my corporate job and feeling stronger and more confident in business every day. Thank you Laura…you truly are amazing.”


Publicist and PR Consultant

“I am my own saviour.  It took working with you to figure that out and to give me unshakeable confidence in myself and my business.


“I just wanted to let you know how incredible the changes have been since I’ve been doing the work on visibility in the Facebook group.  I realise I haven’t had my 1:1 session yet but I’m already blown away by the results.

Sarah R

“You are one of the people that we are told to surround ourselves with.  People who make you want to be a better version of yourself.


“You are magic, thank you KaPowner for seeing what many people over many years have missed.


Professional Rebel

“I am no longer worried about charging my clients at all. I feel better about everything to be honest.  Confident, happy and have lost tons of weight now so feeling great about that.  I’m still listening and following the daily actions you gave me. All is good here.  Thank you so much for everything,


“I had one RTT session with Laura and it literally changed my marriage. My husband and I had a very spicy but also argumentative way of communicating that we couldn’t seem to move on from no matter what we did. 30 days of Laura’s amazing session and recording, all I can say is I cannot even remember the last fight we had. It’s like the hook has been removed. Thank you Laura for this amazing gift, you are a genius at hypnosis and getting at the heart of the matter.”

Agnes K

Wealth Therapist

“Wow! Just wow! Seriously AMAZING session with Laura…it’s not just the RTT which is pretty awesome but HER! We started with strategy and how I can work on my time in business and we start the session only to end up somewhere neither of us would have imagined deep in the depths of my mind as a 3/4 year old child! She handled it with love, care and skill! Bloody computer screen got in the way of the mahoosive hugs we needed to give each other at the end of the session. Thank you Laura, words will never be enough!”


Lifestyle Coach, PT and Physiotherapist, Origins Wellness Tenerife

“You have also helped people like me.  Who have big dreams and big plans but right now just needed space to catch my breath.  To give myself permission to not keep pushing but instead to step back and just find the space to breathe.  And that is priceless.”


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