1. Are you clear on where you are trying to get to? If you want to be somewhere else but you are not crystal clear on where that is, it’s like setting off on a holiday with no destination, how will you know when you get there? Spend time on this, imagine all the details. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the emotions, who is there, where are you, all of it. As much detail as you possibly can. Be clear on what your goals are.

2. What action are you taking to get there? Are you actually taking any action or are you filling your time with “busy things” that actually contribute nothing to getting you to your destination. Inaction breeds inaction, so make sure you watch for that. Get your strategy sorted and break it down so you are taking action every day that ONLY moves you in the direction of your goals.

3. Why do you want it? Be very specific. Sometimes we say we want something when it is in fact the feeling that we imagine having it will elicit. If it’s the feeling you want and you’re not taking the action, find another way to get it. The more you find ways to bring the feelings you want to have in your life, the easier you will achieve things that bring it to you, including your goal or something much better.

4. What does the woman who has reached your goal look like? How does she spend her day? What thoughts go through her head? How does she feel? Are you doing any of those things now? If not, you’ll be stuck a long time. Start doing those things now. Change your routine.

5. What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of having to be, do or have to achieve your goals? Why are you afraid of this? What are you afraid you will have to give up to get there? Get clear on these fears so that you can start tapping/journalling on them to clear them once and for all.

6. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Get the naysayers out.

7. Journal EVERY SINGLE day as if you have reached your goals. What are you doing, experiencing, feeling as the woman who has hit her target? Journal from that space using the present tense-I am, I have, I love etc. If you are not willing to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY then you don’t want it enough. I say this from personal experience and because along with other mindset work, I know that we can write our futures into existence and I have resisted in the past from fear (see below for the reframe on that).

8. Hold yourself accountable. Complete your actions, follow Mel Robbins countdown to make sure you JFDI. Fear is no excuse. Fear is a feeling and it’s the same one as excitement, changing what you have means doing something you’ve never done. It’s natural that your mind will consider it unsafe and a potential danger to you. Train your mind that fear is just the same feeling as excitement and you can choose how you interpret it. Reassure your brain that you are safe.

9. Park comparisonitis and the blame game. Stay in your own lane, do not compare yourself to others, you have no idea where they are really at or what they have come from. Focus on you and your goals only. Equally don’t blame anyone else for your feelings of “stuck”. If you are finding this difficult, write a letter to them and then burn it. Let those feelings go. There is no room for blame where you are going.

10. You’ve probably heard me say this before but it is crucial, get your gratitude on. Every day, what are you grateful for? Being in this energy rather than focusing on lack will always bring you more things to be grateful for.

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