A wise lady once asked me what I thought the 2 most important words in the world were, I answered with “Love you”.  “No”, she said.  The two most important words in the world are Let Go.  I didn’t really get it at the time but I do now and she was so right.

Letting go is the key to freedom.  “Let go” really are the two most powerful words in the english language but they are sometimes mighty difficult to live by.

We tend to grow up holding on tight.  You don’t want to run out, lose out, miss out, step out, fall out or be left out.  You live by thoughts of must do, have to, there is no choice but to….

No more.  LET GO. Let go of any pain, any hurt, any tension, any confusion, any guilt, any fear, any trying to be anyone who you are not.  Let go of all the stories you have made your own.  Let go of all the stories you are still telling yourself which keep you stuck.  Let go of your attachment to certain outcomes or results like “I’ll be ok when I’m making 6/7 figures every year, when I lose 2 stone, when he/she loves me, when”….(you can fill in the blank, I bet there are more stories).

You desperately want to be in/get control.  Yet you will be at your best when you let go and trust that you can work it out along the way.  Let go of needing to be in control, of needing things and yourself to be different than they are.

Letting go is how you get anything you want. And I don’t say that lightly.

Let. Go. And become limitless.

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My Limitless Mind & Money Mastermind is open for registration.  We begin January 2018.  If you are ready to let go and make 2018 your fresh start and best ever year in business, it’s your time.  Book your free call here to discuss.

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