I’m 35 and I’ve probably spent 29 years of my life, here on Earth, thinking that I wasn’t good enough.

I remember being at primary school and thinking I wasn’t as clever as anyone else. I remember when it came to doing the 11+ to go to grammar school, panicking that I wouldn’t pass and I wouldn’t make it to the Girls’ School.

I remember getting to the Girls’ School and wishing that I hadn’t. I wasn’t nearly as clever as other people (or so I thought and so my maths teacher at the time loved to reinforce) and I got picked on.

I remember not doing amazingly at my A-levels, I was too busy getting acquainted with people at the boys school down the road.

I remember deciding to go straight into accounting and skipping University. I was forever getting told that I probably wouldn’t make it as a Chartered Accountant because I didn’t have a degree and I’d need to work twice as hard.

I remember qualifying as a Chartered Accountant at 23 and thinking that I still wasn’t good enough. I could never be a partner because I didn’t have a degree and they wouldn’t promote me because I was too young.

I remember getting promoted and thinking that I still wasn’t good enough. I didn’t have enough experience and I wasn’t as smart, or as well spoken as other people, I wasn’t from the right place.

I remember meeting a man in tears because he was about to lose everything he had built because his business was tanking and telling him I would make it better but not being sure I would because what if I just wasn’t good enough?

I remember 4 years later making him a LOT of money, more than he had ever dreamed of and setting him up for life and thinking wtf was I going to do now because I wasn’t good enough to do anything else.

I remember chalking up the qualifications and certificates and still thinking I wasn’t good enough.

I remember watching my baby girl choking in my arms until she passed out and thinking I wasn’t fit to be her mother because I didn’t know how to save her (she was fine in the end).

I remember pulling my son out of school because he was so desperately unhappy and thinking that I had failed him too.

What I am saying is that the thing I took out of all those experiences, all those achievements was that I wasn’t good enough. And I was wrong, so very wrong.

I had been measuring my enoughness on some impossible scale. I was a chronic overachiever. But the whole point is that there have been achievements. I am alive. I have 2 kids who are happy. I have freedom. I live a life that I have designed. I work in a role that I have created, for a boss who’s quite nice (me!). I work with, strategise for and am mentored by incredible people.

And a reminder of how enough I am is that I get to bring my kids up in a beautiful part of the world, spending time with them when i choose and raising them in a way that is perfect for them. I get to drive to my local town, where its sometimes necessary to stop to let the sheep cross the road. It’s idyllic. I have created what I set out to. And i need to recognise that it is enough 

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Life is good and I know what I’m doing. And when I don’t, I can trust myself and know that I can work it out. And so can you.

We need to stop being so hard on ourselves. We need to recognise that we are achieving all day long, every day. We deserve to see that, we deserve to know that we are enough. So in case you need to hear it today, you are enough. More enough than you can even imagine.

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And if, today, you don’t feel enough, reach out. Our mindset is the key to our success and our freedom.  Rapid Transformation Therapy allows me to find and clear any blocks you have to feeling good enough, so that you realise and truly believe that you are enough. As a result you can then let go of all the things that have been holding you back and go and do all the things you want to and create all the results you’ve dreamed of.  You can change your life, literally!

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