If your business is doing well, hitting the goals you originally set and operating profitably and with good cash flow then awesome work!! If you are anything like me, getting there means everything to you and once you have, you quickly start looking to your next goals, your next big play. And it will inevitably be to scale up what you are currently doing. That makes sense. You’ve got a well-oiled machine going and you have worked out how to scale your processes and cash flow.

However, you are not sure that you can run a bigger business, be a bigger player. You know what you are doing at this level, who are you to get too big for your boots…..well, quite. That belief will make sure you never scale, that you stay right in your comfort zone. There are a whole load of strategies and activities I can show you to scale up but as with anything to do with growth, it starts with your mindset. So here are my top 5 tips, to get you in the right place for moving you and your business to the next level.

1) Get comfortable with money – You need to be comfortable with having it, talking about it, receiving it, asking for it and spending it. Money will feel difficult until you are comfortable with all these angles of it and until you work on increasing your money comfort zone you won’t be scaling anything up.

2) Look at your numbers. What do you want to scale up to? Work out how you could get there (do the numbers – how much do you need to sell, how will you do that). What will it cost to increase your sales? What do you need to spend on? Do you need more staff? Do you have surplus cash to invest in the scale up? Understand the detail.

3) Zone in on your niche and use your zone of genius. Hire in what is missing or look to see whether it is already in your business.

4) Make the decisions…whether you want to or not, you have to. Everyone is waiting for you to direct the business, to direct them. You need to make the decisions and quickly. Inaction is fatal, bad decisions are always just another decision away from being corrected.

5) Understand all the fears you have around scaling up and then work out why they are not real and what you can do to stop them holding you back. For example, if you are afraid that by increasing your turnover you will be even busier and get less time to yourself, you may subconsciously sabotage any scale up attempt. Instead reassure yourself that you have the systems in place to handle increased activity, you will keep weekends free….that kind of thing.


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