How many conversations have you had when you are looking to hire someone or work together and they say “ooh I really don’t like talking about this bit but I guess we need to discuss the money” and they cringe and shrink in their chair.  Money and talking about it can elicit some really strong reactions.  Sometimes asking someone their price gets the same “rabbit in the headlights” stare as asking a stranger in the line at Starbuck their favourite sexual position (I don’t do this often ).

And yet, money matters, it gives us the freedom we need to live the life we want. And now more than ever, is the time to start a conversation about money, to get to know your money inside out and to ultimately, make more of it. Making more money requires you to be responsible with what you already have and to get comfortable with talking about it and thinking about it.

How often do you check your bank transactions?  Or analyse your credit card statements? Do you even know what your total expenses in a month are?  If the answer is not a lot or no, then you are not going to get more money to handle.  You need to get your house in order.  You need to prove to yourself that you can handle what you have.  The numbers themselves might not light you up but being comfortable with looking at them will go a long way towards making sure you can start making more money in the future.

Once you know where you stand currently it’s time to make sure you are managing what you have effectively.  If you have cash sitting there, look at investing it.  If you have cash and a mountain of credit card debt that you are scared to pay off because you might need the cash (I’ve been there so sympathise) then you are not managing your money effectively, so pay some debt off and keep some cash.  If you don’t have cash but you have debt, is your debt in the right place? Can you balance transfer to make sure you are paying 0% interest? Can you find lenders who will give you a lower rate of interest?  Research and be sure you are making the best of whatever your current situation is.

If you are ready to have more money start looking at the ways you could make more.  If you are an employee, when did you last ask for a raise?  What can you do to show you deserve one? Are you being paid market rate for your job?

If you have your own business, look at your income streams. Are you leaving money on the table?  Do you have products that you can package up for sale already (think webinars you’ve already done, masterclasses you created but never put out into the world)?  Could you package up any of your skills and experience into some kind of training programme or e-course?  Look for any possible passive income streams – these are essential to every business.

We need to get comfortable talking about money.  It’s not a dirty word.  It’s hugely important.  It matters to you to create the life you want.  They say money can’t buy love and they are right but it can buy freedom and I don’t know about you but that’s top of my list after love!

The money and life you want are available to you but you need to work to get them, action and facing your fears are necessary. I can show you how to change your money mindset and if you have your own business, I can show you how to action the right business strategy. The results will blow your mind.

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