Are you shit with money?

Scared to look at it? Not even sure what you should be looking at?

Do you panic when it’s time for taxes because frankly you’ve got no idea what your numbers show and no idea just how much you owe the tax man?

Stuck in the trap of selling time for money?

No idea how to price your products and services?

Struggling to build your net worth? No idea what net worth even means?

Suffering with a deep rooted belief that making money means hard work and you probably don’t deserve it anyway?

Well, screw that.

I’m going to make you a money maven.

12th March 2019, I’m kicking off the Live round of the Money Mastery Course.  A new module will be released each week and we will get together on a Live group call to make sure you change your money story and finally become a master of your money.

Stop feeling scared.

Stop hiding. 

Stop burying your head in the sand and praying your money story will miraculously change. 

Stop waiting to win the lottery.

Stop promising yourself that next week/month/year will be different and doing nothing differently.

I’m going to teach what you don’t know (that you really need to, nothing more and nothing less) and I’m going to completely change your money mindset.  Be up for some hypnotherapy and a bit of northern straight talking and we will get along famously.

8 weeks of work.  You’ll create a brand new money story and you will find yourself well on the way to changing your net worth for life.  Side effects include rapidly increasing self worth.  

Only 3 reasons why you shouldn’t buy this course:

  1. You’re a wanker
  2. You don’t want to actually work on your money at all, so you won’t do the course but you will pretend to yourself that you made a bit of an effort
  3. You can’t afford to buy it.  Please do not buy this course if you can’t afford it.  I want you to make the money to pay for it. I want you to put some skin in the game. If you need help making the £197 before you buy it, message me.

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