Money loves order. If you want more, get your business and personal finances in order. Put your money where your mouth is and demonstrate that you are responsible and ready for the next level.

1) Debt is not bad, if you are managing it. If you have incurred debt, you need to be responsible in servicing it. Try not to take out more, meet all your minimum repayments, make sure you honour your debt arrangements. Make a plan to pay it down as quickly as you can.

2) What are you going to use the money you make for? If money loves order, have a plan for how you are going to use it. You will need a portion of it for your committed to expenses (mortgage/rent etc), maybe a portion for debt servicing, but also have a pot earmarked for something you love. A holiday, new car, extension, wedding, new home. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you need an incentive to use your money for something other than necessary expenses and payments.

3) Look at your numbers. Where is your money being spent? If you have 6 million direct debit payments and no idea what half of them are for, you do not have your money in order. Go through them one by one. Cancel anything you no longer need, don’t waste money. Set income targets and track religiously – this is a game changer.

4) Brainstorm the ways you could make more money. Choose the ways that light you up and start taking action on bringing those income ideas to fruition. What can you do every day to move you closer to increasing that income? Think new products/services (VIP offers, complementary offerings) and new streams (passive income, affiliates, JVs etc).

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