Money is not a dirty word

How many conversations have you had when you are looking to hire someone or work together and they say “ooh I really don’t like talking about this bit but I guess we need to discuss the money” and they cringe and shrink in their chair.  Money and talking about it can...

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Money loves order

Money loves order. If you want more, get your business and personal finances in order. Put your money where your mouth is and demonstrate that you are responsible and ready for the next level. 1) Debt is not bad, if you are managing it. If you have incurred debt, you...

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Let. Go.

A wise lady once asked me what I thought the 2 most important words in the world were, I answered with "Love you".  "No", she said.  The two most important words in the world are Let Go.  I didn't really get it at the time but I do now and she was so right. Letting go...

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You are enough

I'm 35 and I've probably spent 29 years of my life, here on Earth, thinking that I wasn't good enough. I remember being at primary school and thinking I wasn't as clever as anyone else. I remember when it came to doing the 11+ to go to grammar school, panicking that I...

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