What is a block?

Income level, upper limits, self sabotage, procrastination, overwhelm, visibility, confidence are just some of the terms we hear daily (there are a bazillion more) but what does it all mean when we have these blocks?

Blocks are thoughts, beliefs or emotions that keep us from reaching our next level. A block stops us from achieving what we want in our life or business. In my opinion, blocks can show up in 3 places:

Conscious mind
Subconscious mind
Energy system
How do I clear my blocks?

There are lots of possible ways to tackle blocks but here are my top 3 recommendations that everyone can start implementing for free.

1. Journalling

I am a huge of fan of journalling. It is my number1 recommend for everyone that I meet who is struggling with some aspect of their life or business. The biggest problem that most people face is that they don


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