What is a block?

Income level, upper limits, self sabotage, procrastination, overwhelm, visibility, confidence are just some of the terms we hear daily (there are a bazillion more) but what does it all mean when we have these blocks?

Blocks are thoughts, beliefs or emotions that keep us from reaching our next level. A block stops us from achieving what we want in our life or business. In my opinion, blocks can show up in 3 places:

Conscious mind
Subconscious mind
Energy system
How do I clear my blocks?

There are lots of possible ways to tackle blocks but here are my top 3 recommendations that everyone can start implementing for free.

1. Journalling

I am a huge of fan of journalling. It is my number1 recommend for everyone that I meet who is struggling with some aspect of their life or business. The biggest problem that most people face is that they don’t listen to their own inner guidance, you know those gut feelings of whether something is off or not, our body is always giving us little signs but often people are so disconnected, they are not sure if its gas or a “sign”.

Getting to know yourself, understanding how your body communicates with you and working out your own values are fundamentally important. Journalling allows you to do that. I give my clients journalling prompts so that they are consciously focusing on the specific areas we have identified need work during our sessions but you can free journal.

You can search online for journalling prompts but in the absence of prompts, I suggest 2 forms of journalling that I call “as if” journalling and “dark” journalling.

As if journalling sees you writing from the space where what you desire has manifested in your life. If your current blocks were around money and making it, you would write something like “I receive with ease £10k each month” rather than “I want to make £10k each month” – energetically, the first sentence brings the desire into the present tense, the second holds it out in the future and generates the wanting rather than receiving.

Dark journalling is where we write down all the negative and limiting thoughts that come up from our as if journalling. If writing, I make £10k each month makes you scream inside your head “no you don’t you moron”, we want to get that stuff out of your head and out onto paper. It brings a release from that negative self talk that you won’t believe until you have been doing it for a while. So many clients are afraid to voice the negative thoughts they have in their head. The fear is that if they bring light to them. share them out in the world, they will create that bad result in their life or business. That is simply not the case. If you are already thinking it, writing it out brings no more likelihood of it manifesting but it does allow you to see what you say to yourself regularly and just highlighting it helps you to correct yourself when you catch it being said. Your dark journalling will highlight repeating though patterns, which allows you to reframe them with evidence as to why it’s not true. I then advise you create affirmations that essentially are the opposite of the negative sentences you have been saying to yourself and read through that list 3x a day.

(You can check out the live I did on Dark Journalling and exactly how to do it here.)

2. Tapping/EFT

I am not a tapping expert but it is my understanding that is a combination of acupressure and psychology that works to alter your energy system, body and brain all at once. You use your fingertips to tap on various meridian points around the body while talking through emotions/thoughts/feelings. If you are new to tapping following along to a script will likely be more effective until you get the hang of it.

I was a huge tapping fan a couple of years ago and then as I started achieving my goals and creating what I wanted, I forgot all about the power of practicing it daily. This week, I set myself a goal to achieve something in 48 hours with no plan and I returned to my trusty tapping and guess what? It worked. Tapping helps you energetically and it is my recommend for anyone who cannot afford for me (or someone else) to work with them to clear blocks in their system for them. There are thousands of free tapping videos on YouTube to help you with anything you can think of. I have heard mixed reviews but I am and always have been a huge fan of Brad Yates. He has a bazillion videos you can watch on YouTube and tap along to and it won’t cost you a penny.

If you are in my facebook group, I will be sharing with you all about my little 48 hour challenge and what I did to achieve it so you can go and replicate it. Join here, if you are not already in.

3. Fun

We are so peppered in this online world to come up with our goals, to take action and remain consistent. I don’t dispute that line of thinking BUT with one massive caveat. So many women, in particular, come to me exhausted. They have so much to do and they feel like they are wading through mud. They are worried they can’t get it done fast enough, that what they do isn’t good enough and bending and flexing for the world around them. The very first thing they really and truly need is permission to stop. And believe me they get it. That isn’t to say they spend the next 3 months lying down and resting, not at all. But they do need to make space. To breathe. And just remove the excessive pressure that they are usually placing upon themselves. The first thing they get asked to do by me, is to have some fun. Take a couple of hours out for themselves (epsom salt bath and a book anyone?) and then to do something that makes them smile. That might be turn their phone off for an afternoon and just be present with their kids or it might be to go for lunch with a friend or even alone. It doesn’t matter what it is but this time out is essential to free up some space to start moving energy so that you can change your vibration up.

What you are trying to create in your life, the goals you are trying to achieve in business MUST make you feel good. If not, revisit what it is you are trying to achieve. The quickest way to achieve those goals and create what you want other than taking action is to energetically get into alignment with them. Having fun and doing anything that gets you in the feeling of how it will be when you have achieved your goals, is exactly what you need to do every day. You must spend time getting into the energy of what you want now, like energy attracts like energy. If this was all getting a bit woo for you, there’s the science part ;-).

As with everything, if you want something different, you have to do something you have never done.

How do you clear blocks?

I created my FIT system to clear the blocks from all 3 places. The 3 pronged approach ensures you remove the block from every area and that you remain free of that block for life.

I work with my clients consciously (journalling is a big part of this along with our mentoring calls), subconsciously (using hypnotherapy and recordings that my clients listen to daily) and energetically (think healing, visualisation, tapping, vibration raising and claircognizance).

Working in this way gets impactful results fast. The number of blocks a client is facing determines the length of time we work together but we can clear a lot in 30 days and a client rarely needs more than 90 days (but they may choose it!). That’s not long to change your life really, is it?

If you are interested in exploring working together or to talk a little more about my FIT system and how it would help you, book a call here. The investment for FIT in 30 days is £750 and for FIT in 90 days it is £2,000 (payment plans are available).