You are magic, thank you KaPowner for seeing what many people over many years have missed.


Thank you for the Money mastery Course.  I have smashed in a record week this week.  Not a coincidence that this was week I have put the most effort into my money mindset.


As a Chartered Accountant, I have always been good with numbers but there really are only so many spreadsheets you can plough through before you think there must be more to life. After being fast-tracked by one of the top accountancy firms to become a Partner by the time I was 30, I took the seemingly crazy decision to step out of my corporate advisor role and into running a business that was struggling financially as their Finance Director, at 26.

Suddenly I was responsible for hitting the numbers, not just crunching them, which was incredibly different. I worked alongside the owner to turn the business around from the brink of bankruptcy, to clearing all of the business debt and selling it for top end 7 figures in only four years. This business was like my baby. And whilst I had chosen to sell it, the grief that came after I had let it go, was not extinguished by the money I made or the new found freedom I had. I was getting congratulated for an amazing job well done and inside I felt empty.

I decided more success was what was needed in my life and so I began my solo entrepreneurial journey. And I relentlessly pursued success in every corner of my life. I won every negotiation and every legal battle I entered into on behalf of my clients. I helped build up and sell businesses and I nailed the numbers. And still, I felt empty.

I had 2 beautiful kids, a lovely house in a beautiful part of England and it still didn’t feel like enough. I almost lost my daughter, my Grandma died and the grief took over. And in came the anxiety. I could still nail a meeting or a business result but I couldn’t get through a day without a panic attack and I could barely go out. I was permanently in fear. What was happening to me?

I had it all. I had made success after success out of everything I touched and inside I was empty and felt like such a failure. I realised that success and wealth in the traditional sense meant absolutely nothing when I was permanently terrified.  I took drastic action to get over my fear and went from being afraid to leave my house to moving to Australia. How the mind works became one of my favourite topics and I embarked on a learning journey that has been nothing short of life changing.

I went on to study Rapid Transformation Therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, a bazillion other healing modalities and eventually I reached the place of freedom that I truly desired.  

It didn’t take me long to realise that so many people were living in financial fear.  And fear is something I truly understand. There is so much emotion attached to money. I help my clients change their beliefs about it whilst we crack on making the actual changes needed in their business to help them create more wealth and ultimately financial freedom.

My mission is to financially empower my clients through education, mentoring and financial management. I founded Get REAL which is the framework and methodology my clients use to reach financial and personal freedom, to do just this.

My vision for the future is that by our generation empowering themselves financially, our children will get the financial education they need and skip the years of financial fear their parents endured and just go out and create the change and impact they came here for.

Thanks for stopping by, it’s a pleasure to meet you. If you’d like to connect further feel free to drop me an email and we can set up a connection call.  Just email me at for the link.


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