Hey, I’m Laura.

I’m the founder of Get REAL.  I’m a mind & money mentor and Chartered Accountant. I work with online, service based business owners to help them overcome their financial fear, turnaround their finances and accelerate the financial reality they desire through online programmes, mentoring and financial management. In a nutshell, I show my clients how to get REAL with their finances.



I have some terribly exciting news for you.

It’s the kind of life and business changing news that makes me quiver just thinking about it.


But we need to find out if it’s your kind of excitement by playing a little game of true or false.


Ready? Here we go…


True or false?

  • You would hate to have your own online business doing something that you love whilst having fun and making money (and profit!)
  • You believe that a job is the best way to financial freedom
  • You love working for a boss that has no clue what they are doing, thinks you need to be told what you need to do and where you need to be, day in day out and hasn’t had a laugh since circa 1996

If you answered TRUE, then it’s best we part ways now. Because us working together is not for you.  You will find absolutely no tingles here.


But, if you answered FALSE and freedom (both financially and personally) is one of your biggest values, then you might want to read on.


If you want to FINALLY stop taking ALL the money and wealth courses, looking for a new accountant because maybe you will find one who can give you some answers, and praying that the Universe will finally deliver the abundance you know you deserve.


AND instead, you’d like to start working with someone who is so certain she can help you achieve the financial reality that you desire, that unless she can make or save you her costs she won’t even take you on as a client then you are in the right place at JUST the right time. Go you!


Money feels scary, right?

You don’t have as much as you want despite working hard.  There might be a little debt (or a lot!) knocking around that, frankly, you don’t like to look at so you couldn’t really say how much it is.

When brown envelopes arrive on the mat, you get that sinking feeling in your stomach.  You swear that you are just one day away from going to jail because why else would HMRC keep writing to you?!

You like the idea of financial freedom but you haven’t ever really thought about what that might look like for you, mostly because you assume it would mean you’d need to start getting real with your finances and that just doesn’t sound like fun AT ALL.

But what if it could be fun?  What if it could be so fun that you actually looked forward to your money dates?


What if you could start looking at your business like a REAL business?


Because it is – if you want it to be.  And as much as you don’t yet feel like an adult, you are one.  And there are people around you that sort of need you to get your shit together when it comes to money and finances so that they can skip the money story you have lived through.


Imagine if you could rewrite your existing money story that isn’t really working for you, quickly and without talking about it for weeks on end.


Imagine if you could clear the money hurdles that are getting in your way with ease.


Imagine if you could implement the necessary changes to help your business become your greatest asset in reaching the financial reality you desire.


Imagine if those changes involved looking at your revenue and how to increase it (without working ALL the hours because fun is a big part of work for you).


Imagine if you looked at your expenses and could just cancel all the ones that didn’t get you a return and so maximise your profit. Imagine if you could then invest in your team to deliver even better results for your clients.


Imagine if all that was easy because you were able to look at your accounts regularly and understand what they were showing you. Imagine if this meant that you could make important business decisions based on data rather than just sticking your finger in the air and hoping you are going in the right direction.


Imagine if you knew exactly what your profit was and what taxes were due when and each month you had been putting the right amount into your financial vaults so that when those taxes where due, you already had the right money, ready to go.


Imagine if you could have weekly money dates with your personal finances because you understood what you were looking at and you knew you had the power to change it at anytime AND it was really fun to look at your wealth increasing.


Imagine if you had a pension and investments for you and the people you love.


Imagine what life would be like if you had got REAL with your finances and you were on the path to financial freedom, in a timeframe that you had chosen.


Well, because you’re in the right place, you don’t need to imagine for long.


You and I can create this together as soon as you are ready to embark on your Get REAL journey.


I told you it was exciting news, right?!


Step 1 is to take the Money Hurdle Quiz and find out the biggest hurdle between you and the financial reality you desire.


Go on, take the Quiz today, you didn’t find it by accident!

You’re like some magical unicorn combined with a super smart arse kicker.

Thank you for keeping me calm, focused and on task over the past few tricky months. And when I’ve wavered your total faith has been infectious and needed.

I’ve learned that patience and faith are massive components in taking and feeling in control of your own money story

From an unexpected 4 figure cheque in the post to creating much needed stability in my finances – well it’s no coincidence.

Your time, patience and calmness is much appreciated as is your knowledge of the fun of taxes, financial planning and awesome live-streams – I’ve gone from super sceptical pragmatist to adding in some proven woo to my armoury.

Thank you, legend. Everyone needs a Laura.


Just had my best month in business ever (nearly half way to 6 figures in a month!). Do the work…listen to Laura. She has got the magic.

I have always struggled to speak up and be visible.  I hide from the world.  I hate being on camera especially video. My lack of confidence stopped me believing that my products were good enough, even though people who have used them love them and I was not pushing myself to sell any and was actively working against myself.  Day 6 of working together and I posted on social media, not just a photo of me but a video too.    Day 7 and I get an email from a spa asking to stock one of my products. Day 8 and I get my first retail sale on my website. 

This is astounding, the results I have seen in just such a short space of time have blown me away.  Imagine what life will be like after 30 days…I can’t wait to find out! 

You have had such a profound impact on my outlook, confidence and life in just over a week, I cannot thank you enough.


I am my own saviour.  It took working with you to figure that out and to give me unshakeable confidence in myself and my business.


I can’t thank you enough already.  I have been working through your Think & Do & day manifesting challenge.  To be honest I only got to day 5. I’ve never been able to manifest money in a short time, so I was giving myself 12 days to do it and I am so happy because out of the blue, I made it come true a day early. Thank you!


Out of everyone I’ve worked with over the last couple of years, trying to make sense of how to scale my business, you have given me the most amazing suggestions and solutions, all rooted in sensible and personalised advice.


She is definitely (or ought to be) the love child of a threesome between Tinkerbell, She-ra and Obi-Wan Kenobi!



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