Laura Powner

Mind & Money Mentor


I work with entrepreneurs and high achievers, like you, to overcome the limiting beliefs and blocks (lovingly referred to as “the bollocks”) that are stopping you from reaching the true pinnacle of success you know is possible.

By any traditional scale, you have reached the pinnacle of success.

You’ve made money (probably millions although you may not have kept it).  You have hustled like a hero.  Marketed like a maverick.  Connected like a champion.  You have, by most people’s standards, done it all.

You’ve achieved everything you said you wanted to and yet, in your relentless pursuit of happiness through success and wealth, you have found it is never ending and you never quite get there.

Success doesn’t mean happy.

Money, it turns out, is not enough.

You don’t feel a damn bit different to the day you started.

And so you did what all high achievers do, you tried to paper over the cracks in your façade by trying to achieve more. And now it feels like you are losing control, it’s just not working.

Same problem.  Only now the stakes are higher, imagine if people really saw what was under the hood, it would all come tumbling down like a pack of cards.

But it won’t, I’ve got your back.

Working together, you will:

  • Eliminate self-doubt and negative self-talk
  • Put an end to imposter syndrome
  • Stop self-sabotage
  • Break those walls down that you put up that instead of keeping you safe are just keeping you stuck
  • Blow up procrastination
  • Build unbreakable confidence
  • Develop world class behaviours
  • Reach your own pinnacle of success for the first time

I know how frustrating it is being where you are now. No one around you gets it. Look at the money you’ve made. Look at the life you lead. As far as they are concerned your life looks like you won the lottery.

But believe me, the way you feel, is surprisingly common amongst high achievers and entrepreneurs.  You have had the success you have had because you have hustled harder, pushed further than most people ever will despite all the obstacles you have faced.  Your sheer determination and tenacity saw you get here. But no matter how hard you have pushed, those pesky, deep rooted thoughts about you not being enough, about time running out, about success and what it means have never gone away.  And now, no amount of hustle/thinking/coaching/journaling/affirmations/clean eating/exercising/drinking/meditating is going to get rid of them and move you to where you want to be.

It’s time to go all in, in the mind.

All that bollocks, that I referred to earlier, is sitting in your subconscious.  Most coaches and advisors can’t get there.  You can’t even access it half the time.  But I can and without you ever losing control.

I can look through all your bollocks and I can find out where it came from and then we simply throw it all out like trash.  I pull the root and it can never anchor you down or hold you back again.  I then go to town with the clean-up and you reach your potential. You start living the life you always wanted with the results in business and life you have always known you were capable of.

I don’t need you to do a course, or spend months meditating, or questioning your family on your childhood.  I need you to show up to our sessions and I need you to listen to a recording, I will create for you, once a day (when you are sleeping is fine).  That’s it.

No more telling yourself that you are an idiot/not good enough/too much.

No more questioning every single micro decision.

No more not moving forward.

No more feeling like you are about to get found out for being an imposter.

No more feeling like you are not qualified.

No more waiting for the cards to fall.

No more deliberately setting yourself up to fail just so you can be right.

No more toxic relationships.

No more groundhog day.

My signature, Rapid Transformation Program will change it all.  It combines my 18 years of working with business owners and entrepreneurs (helps that I am one too) at all levels, as a Chartered Accountant and in recent years on a mindset level plus a whole host of modalities I have trained in and used on hundreds of people.  It requires minimal time from you.  Show up to our fortnightly sessions and listen to the recordings I give you at bedtime.

It is the opposite of the hustle you are used to but that’s not been working out for you so far, so trust me when I say this, this is for you.

There is no group stuff, no mastermind shenanigans. No measuring sticks. Just you and me.  Completely confidential.  No one ever need know we are working together if you don’t want them to.

You need to be ready to lose the old identity and the bollocks that is holding you back and I know you are probably not sure if you are.  If you’re ready to try, then let’s talk.  Book a call with me.

We’ll talk about what’s going on for you at the moment and why. I will identify some of the key blocks and limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back from the pinnacle of success you want for yourself and we will get clear on where you want to get to.

If you are a great fit for the work I do, I will invite you to join me in my signature FIT Programme.  I promise to only invite you in if I truly believe you can get the results.  Like you, I take great pride in my success rate, so you can trust me when I say I don’t just work with anyone.

So simply book your call below and complete the application form.  I look forward to beginning your FIT journey and achieving fast, life and business changing results in 30-90 days.


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