Laura Powner

Mind & Money Mentor

I teach women to feel empowered when it comes to managing their mindset and their money so they can create self worth and net worth that lasts a lifetime


The very word can elicit feelings of shame, guilt, stress, embarrassment, anger, fear and more.  Even looking at money can cause physical reactions – sweating, shaking and feeling sick (ring any bells?!).

You’ve tried sitting down and getting organised with your money but just the thought of it takes you straight back to the unfairness of being told off for something that you didn’t even do.  You feel the pain and injustice of being treated like a “naughty girl” for breaking rules you didn’t know about.  Some days money just makes you feel like an epic failure. You cannot get past the sense that no matter what you do, it will never be enough.

You’ve tried being positive.  You’ve tried working harder.  You’ve tried working smarter. You’ve even tried affirmations and just thinking your way into magically changing your money situation.

You’ve tried all you know but the whole subject of money has just left you feeling disempowered.  I’ve been there.  Both with myself and hundreds of clients.

I see you


The feelings you have about money are created from the minute you arrive on the planet.  As a child, you pick up other people’s opinions on money.  You see other people’s money behaviours and you absorb other people’s money stories.  Before you even receive your first pay check, your money story and how you feel about it, is deeply ingrained in your subconscious.

If you have seen healthy relationships with money then lucky you!  You got off to a great start.

However, in general, it is highly likely that you have acquired some limiting beliefs and blocks around money that are seriously affecting you right now.

It’s also really weird, don’t you think, that at no time in our lives are we ever taught what to actually do with money. Parents and guardians try and “protect” us from the practical difficulties of adult life and it’s definitely not on the curriculum at school so how are we supposed to learn how to behave with it?

If you have limiting beliefs about money and you don’t know how to manage it, then you have a recipe for a pretty toxic relationship with it. And perhaps not surprisingly the disempowerment around it feeds into how you feel about yourself and the negative self talk begins in earnest.

Why can’t you just get it together and sort out your credit card debt?  Why can’t you just build up your savings like normal people do? Why does making money have to be so hard?  Why is there never enough?  Are you greedy?  Isn’t wanting money completely unspiritual? Why is life so hard?  Why are you just not enough?

Fortunately, it’s completely possible to transform your relationship with money and even more importantly the relationship with yourself.


It’s what I do, every day.  I teach women to feel empowered with money and themselves by changing their mindset and teaching them wealth creating money habits so they can build self worth and net worth that lasts a lifetime.

I truly believe self worth = net worth.


Don’t get me wrong, you CAN power through your money blocks and limiting beliefs and make SOME money through hustling and pushing and striving but when it comes to building lasting net worth, no way!  That approach is simply not sustainable in the long term, on any level.  If you don’t believe you are worthy of money and you don’t know what to do with it when you have it, it has an ability to leave just as fast (or not) as it came.

Money doesn’t have to be hard work.  It can be fun.  You can feel empowered.  It can give you freedom.  Let me show you how.


Check out my free resources to get started.  You can also join me over in my free facebook group here.



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