Hey, I’m Laura.

show light working, purpose-led business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to put into practice their connection with magic, miracles, mindset and money, how to create an abundant life and business.


This is the part where I tell you that you and I are destined, like star crossed lovers, to be together.

But here’s the thing: That just wouldn’t be true. 

I am not for everyone.  

And that’s a good thing. 

I will never try to convince you otherwise just so you part with your cash.


We need to have that connection.

You know the one, where you just know it is meant to be. 

Because from that place, I guarantee we can make magic.


You need to be building a business that is about so much more than just money for you. 

You need to be helping other people as well as doing this for you.

There is no question when we work together that I see you. 

All of you. 


I ask you to trust me with those thoughts that you barely admit to yourself, let alone to anyone else. 

You have to be ready to stop hiding because you are afraid that you might be too much, or not enough of the right thing. 


You have to be ready to crack yourself open and let me in. 

You have to be really ready for change. 

You have to commit to doing the work.


I work to remove those limiting beliefs that keep people JUST like you stuck. 

Those beliefs that keep you prisoner. 

I help you clear the fear, break out from the prison of limited self worth.

Together, we change your conscious and subconscious mind and we recalibrate your energy. 

We raise your vibration and we change what you are aligned to so you can finally increase your net worth too.


And how do we do that?

We Get REAL.


Get REAL is my framework for creating abundance in your life and business.

There are 4 pyramids that make up the Get REAL model:

– Receiving

– Expending

– Accumulating

– Letting go

We work through each pyramid, weaving the strands of:

– Mindset

– Energy

– Strategy

– Integration

Get REAL underpins everything I do.


See, once upon a time I used to be a Corporate Queen. 
I turned shit into gold when it came to failing businesses. I turned around and sold companies for a lot of zeros. My clients have built and exited their businesses within 2 years, making 7 figures. 

Strategy and numbers are something I am shit hot at and probably why I’ve been a Chartered Accountant for the last 20 years. 

Money is my jam.

I could do that for almost anyone.

But now…making money on its own, is not what floats my boat.

Yes, I can make you money. 

Yes, I can save you tax. 

Yes, I can help you buy, start, grow and sell a company. 

Yes, I can help you achieve your money goals and get out of some serious pickles if you need it with the right strategy but it has to be so much more than that to light us both up.

You have to want to work on you. 

You have to understand that you are fundamental to the success of your business and be ready to do the work to increase your self worth. 

You have to want to contribute to the world in some way.

I understand how your mind works. I understand you. I know you deeply on a spiritual level. I see you.

I know from working with hundreds, maybe thousands, of clients that you mastering your self worth is fundamental to you increasing your net worth and these together are key to creating abundance.

I will teach you how to change your mindset, help you to create and implement a strategy that delivers what you want but more importantly I will show you how to truly believe in yourself so that you can trust that you have the deep rooted, stable foundations that it takes to achieve the limitless life you are looking for.

You will learn to live and work in your flow and how to co-create with the Universe so you can use it to your advantage.  

You will learn that blocks don’t exist and instead you will clear your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. You will become an action taking, manifesting queen who has the life and business she has been dreaming of.


I want you to know how to Get REAL.

I want you to feel abundant. I want you to light up like a Christmas tree, excited to create the future you have designed. I want you to build your own success, your own happy ever after.


So if any of this resonated with you, come on in. 

You’ve waited long enough. 

It’s time….


You’re like some magical unicorn combined with a super smart arse kicker.

Thank you for keeping me calm, focused and on task over the past few tricky months. And when I’ve wavered your total faith has been infectious and needed.

I’ve learned that patience and faith are massive components in taking and feeling in control of your own money story

From an unexpected 4 figure cheque in the post to creating much needed stability in my finances – well it’s no coincidence.

Your time, patience and calmness is much appreciated as is your knowledge of the fun of taxes, financial planning and awesome live-streams – I’ve gone from super sceptical pragmatist to adding in some proven woo to my armoury.

Thank you, legend. Everyone needs a Laura.


Just had my best month in business ever (nearly half way to 6 figures in a month!). Do the work…listen to Laura. She has got the magic.

I have always struggled to speak up and be visible.  I hide from the world.  I hate being on camera especially video. My lack of confidence stopped me believing that my products were good enough, even though people who have used them love them and I was not pushing myself to sell any and was actively working against myself.  Day 6 of working together and I posted on social media, not just a photo of me but a video too.    Day 7 and I get an email from a spa asking to stock one of my products. Day 8 and I get my first retail sale on my website. 

This is astounding, the results I have seen in just such a short space of time have blown me away.  Imagine what life will be like after 30 days…I can’t wait to find out! 

You have had such a profound impact on my outlook, confidence and life in just over a week, I cannot thank you enough.


I am my own saviour.  It took working with you to figure that out and to give me unshakeable confidence in myself and my business.


I can’t thank you enough already.  I have been working through your Think & Do & day manifesting challenge.  To be honest I only got to day 5. I’ve never been able to manifest money in a short time, so I was giving myself 12 days to do it and I am so happy because out of the blue, I made it come true a day early. Thank you!


Out of everyone I’ve worked with over the last couple of years, trying to make sense of how to scale my business, you have given me the most amazing suggestions and solutions, all rooted in sensible and personalised advice.


She is definitely (or ought to be) the love child of a threesome between Tinkerbell, She-ra and Obi-Wan Kenobi!



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