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I empower women by removing their limiting beliefs about themselves and money so that they can build a business that is aligned to their core values and creates wealth and abundance for life.

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Welcome to my world!

Once upon a time I used to be a Corporate Queen. 

I turned shit into gold when it came to failing businesses.  I sold companies for a lot of zeros and for more than their balance sheets suggested they were worth and that the men in the room said that I would be able to get. I helped to grow start-ups and I helped people to sell them inside 2 years for 7 figures (and not just once).  Strategy and numbers are something I am shit hot at and probably why I’ve been a Chartered Accountant for the last 19 years.

But being a corporate queen didn’t tie up to all of my values. 

I’m a little bit woo (ok full on witch). I practice the Universal laws and I realised I am a Manifesting Queen.  And two values that are right at the top of my list, the 2 things I love to do more than anything in my work is to teach and to empower.  Those two things give me the satisfaction I crave and fill me up in a way that being a numbers and strategy “gooroo” alone never could. 

Yes, I can make you money. Yes, I can save you tax.  Yes, I can help you buy, start, grow and sell a company. Yes, I can help you achieve your money goals and get out of some serious pickles if you need it with the right strategy but it has to be so much more than that to light us both up.

I want you to be doing work that aligns to your values.  I want you to go to bed at night, full up and high on doing something that you loved that day. 

I want you to be the person you really are, deep inside.

The one that you have been hiding because you are afraid that you might be too much, or not enough of the right thing, that you just aren’t good enough to build a successful and aligned business, that it’s just not safe for you to be seen or to open your mouth and speak.  I want you to show your children just what we can do we take a leap of faith.

I want you to build a business you love that lights you up and I want you to be the light for all of the people you work with and come across every day.

I will work with you to remove those limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.  Those beliefs that have kept you like a prisoner.  We will remove the fear.  We will raise your vibration.  You will rise in all your glory.  You will speak your truth.  You will be the light.

You will feel empowered and in turn you will empower.


You will become all of you, the light and the dark and you will forgive and accept all that has gone before. 

You will remember what you value most.  You will build a life and business that aligns to those values.  You will decide on your goals, on the life and business story you want to create.  I will teach you how to read and change your numbers, how to create a strategy that delivers what you want and I will teach you how to co-create your future with the Universe. 

It’s time to stop ignoring the whispers you can hear and feel.  You are being guided and supported whether you choose to respond or not.

I will work intuitively and teach you to do the same.  There will be work to do but aligned work comes far more easily. You will learn your flow, the laws of the Universe and use it to your advantage and you too will become a manifesting queen who has the life and business she dreamed of.

Together, we will turn your lights back on.  You will shine so brightly and finally be the star of your own show. It’s time to get your happy ever after.

It’s what you came here for.


Be the light. 

Laura x

Check out my free resources to get started and I’d love for you to join me over in my free facebook group here.



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